Internet service «Eurobank 24 / 7» for private individuals — is a finance management for 24 hours in 7 days a week from any point of the world.

Possibilities of system «Eurobank 24 / 7»:

  • Control of the accounts in view of external revenue;
  • Receiving account statements;
  • Operational training and sending of payment orders using references «Banks», «Correspondents», «Payments»;
  • Monitoring the status of instruments for its content, the signatures, the actual implementation of payment, the possible refusal by the Bank in the implementation of payment;
  • Management of documents;
  • Correction of the document content is possible, provided that the payment is not made;
  • Reliable and efficient integration of payment documents, saving documents in the database of Internet service;
  • Freedom from the need to have and maintain a database and special software on your computer;
  • Training and retention payment documents without connecting to the database;
  • Export-import documents from 1C.
  • Signature, encryption, and sending to the bank documents in the file import;
  • Message exchange with the Bank;
  • Print payment documents.

Advantages of «Eurobank 24 / 7» service:


All operations are possible only after coding and electronic signing, which only client owns.


All operations are done in few minutes after Bank receives documents.


Our system saves time on visits in Bank, money – service payment by means of the «Eurobank 24/7» is cheaper, than in the Bank branch.


Register and install the system is simple as well as its use.

Wide operations spectrum

From possibility of checking account statements, till working together with 1C.

To use the internet-service «Eurobank 24 / 7» 4 steps are need:

Step 1: Open an account in Eurobank*.

Step 2: Sign a contract on internet-service «Eurobank 24 / 7».

Step 3: Install the software.

Step 4: Activate the service, using got key, generate the secret key, unseal, sign and deliver the key Certificate in a bank.


Possible connection channels for using the system:

With the help of the Internet provides on-line connection with the bank, the necessary programs are in the section «Instructions», the latest updates are in the same section.

  • Using ISP (company, provides the internet);
  • Through a telephone line and standard for network connection (Dial-Up Networking), providing by the operating system MS WINDOWS, the Bank provides a telephone number to work with the system.


Connection with bank controlled by e-mail – it is a traditional technology of client-bank.

Mobile phone

It is necessary that telephone supports JAVA applications to 500 Kb and protocol of MIDP 2.0.

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