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In order to fulfill requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Depositary System of Ukraine" № 5178-VI that came into effect on 12 October, 2013, PJSC CB "EUROBANK" obtained new licenses from National Equity Market and Securities Commission. Licenses have been granted to carry out depositary activities of the depository institution and activities of lodging assets of collective investment scheme that are to come into effect on 12 October, 2013.

Amendments and annexes to government regulations dramatically change the structure of depository activities for which reason the depository institution conformed its Statutes of depositary activities.

Today PJSC CB «EUROBANK» has the necessary possibilities for realizing operations in all depositaries of Ukraine:

  1. CJSC «Ukrainian National Securities Depository»
  2. JSC «The national depositary of Ukraine»
  3. The National bank of Ukraine depositary.

For the custodian is made all the appropriate set of depository services:

  • Opening and maintenance of securities accounts
  • Storage and records of securities in accounts as securities.
  • Maintenance of securities in the accounts of the equivalent securities (enrollment, cancellation, transfer of securities and other transactions).
  • Materialization and immobilization of securities.
  • Receipt of revenue of the Securities and transfers of income to the account of the depositor (registration is the custodian).
  • Adoption of calculating net asset value of investment funds.
  • Provision of reports on operations and as a securities account.
  • Providing information and consulting services for your reliable service.
  • Provision of other types of depository services.

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